sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

FarmVille 2 - Build the Bonsai work table

We are going to build the Bonsai table's work in FarmVille 2 in which we are going to get many rewards, animals and favors.

Farmville 2 table work bonsai

Like every week a new building will be available, is the table working Bonsai of FarmVille 2 in which we are going to win chests and memories, as well as animals, consumables such as favors, water, salt and bottles and even a couple of new and unique decorations.
Worktable bonsai will be available from June 28 and to do this we will get 30 first FarmVille 2 materials.

Farmville 2 materials table work bonsai

When complete all requirements our table bonsai will look so:

Farmville 2 table work bonsai 1

Along with this building will be new missions for which must go asking the following materials.

Farmville 2 materials missions table bonsai

One of the most anticipated things are three new decorations that we can achieve if we work hard at the table bonsai, are decorations there are garden fences and sidewalks.

Farmville 2 decorations bonsai
Farmville 2 decorations bonsai 1

You can also get an exclusive grey Merino sheep that you can raise up to their adult phase.

Farmville 2 grey Merino

And finally arrive 9 recipes and objects that you may create.

Farmville 2 table bonsai recipes
Cheats farmville 2 table work bonsai